I am an R consultant working in Zurich, CH. My area of expertise is is in the area of applied machine learning, more specifically in the field of environmental modeling. I am also familiar with DevOps applications (Docker, Terraform, Ansible). Besides, I am also undertaking a PhD at the GIScience group at the Department of Geography at University of Jena related to environmental modeling.

In my spare time I like to develop programmatic solutions to simplify todays data science challenges. My standard is to work in a reproducible manner and also actively promote this philosophy in my daily work. Furthermore I enjoy writing about the Linux world, the #rstats community and other technical topics that I find interesting.


  • Statistical and machine-learning modeling
  • Reproducible research
  • Open-source development
  • Remote Sensing
  • Linux
  • Server Administration (HPC)
  • (Geo)-statistics


  • M.Sc. in Geoinformatics, 2016

    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

  • B.Sc. in Geography, 2014

    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena


Recent Posts


University of Munich

I teach within the Münchner R Kurse hosted by the Computational Stats group of LMU Munich.

University of Jena


  • Geo 404: Applied Geoinformatics (WS 19/20, M.Sc.)


  • Geo 404: Applied Geoinformatics (WS 17/18, M.Sc.) - TA
  • Geo 311: Geoinformatics III (WS 16/17, B.Sc.) - TA