Hi there, I am a german-born developer who likes to write about all kinds of tech-related things. I started out with R initially and enjoy devops-related topics lately.

I graduated in Geoinformatics (2016) at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and finished a PhD in environmental modeling in 2022. A publication list can be found on Google Scholar.

I live in Zurich, Switzerland and work at cynkra GmbH where I do a mix between DevOps (Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible) and R data science consulting.

I contribute to various open-source projects, if time permits. Keeping a comprehensive list would be too time intense but my GitHub profile should be a good starting point. Lately I’ve moved over some repos to Codeberg. I am also contributing to the development of Gitea and have been a member of the mlr-org for some years.

I have a Twitter account but have been using it infrequently since the Musk era.


The fingerprint of my GPG key is D75C 4F1B 6EE2 C8CD 3727 D142 3C63 1884 1EF7 8925. The key is verified at https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/.